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Trait Offshore Research Synthesis

The Traitors projects (2023-2026) aims to collaborate with knowledge holders, scientists, and managers to build a trait-based database for the species inhabiting the Canadian Offshore Pacific Bioregion. This includes species from the deep abyssal plains all the way up to shallow waters, and from small benthic invertebrates to the largest mammals living in the water column.

Photo: Oceans Network Canada


Species occurrence database

Build a comprehensive species list for the AOI by compiling historical data records

Photo: Oceans Network Canada

Trait database

Take an ecosystem approach to identify biological traits for species from the Offshore Pacific, and relate them to vulnerability (resistance and adaptive capacity).

Photo: Northeast Pacific Deep-Sea Expedition Partnership, CSSF ROPOS


workshop series

Convene experts to populate species trait information

Photo: Northeast Pacific Deep-Sea Expedition Partnership, CSSF ROPOS



Develop indicators based on traits for use in spatial prioritization and monitoring to understand if conservation objectives are being met.

Photo: Shelton Dupreez, DFO

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